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Why Deloitte Comes Up Short With Its ‘Adaptable Organization’

[shutterstock: 1396989893, Yuganov Konstantin]
[shutterstock: 1396989893, Yuganov Konstantin]

Rooted firmly in a cost-accounting world, Deloitte’s concept of the ‘Adaptable Organization’ seems disingenuous and superficial.

There’s a saying in Italian, “When an ant is about to die, it sprouts wings.” In other words, when someone is really struggling, they start doing things that are completely outside their nature. We are not suggesting that Deloitte is nearing its demise, but with their attempt to offer the ‘organizational solution’ of the Adaptable Organization they are way out of their comfort zone. They are trying to be part of a paradigm shift without any understanding of the science required. We are sure they won’t care about anything a boutique firm of organizational scientists has to say, so let’s take a candid look at their ‘The Adaptable Organization’ document.

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