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Why Cybernetics Might Come In Handy For SAP CEO Christian Klein

[shutterstock: 143977843, cdrin]
[shutterstock: 143977843, cdrin]

What do a company, a complex machine, and a living being have in common? In times of crisis, all of them require control and regulation to achieve productivity and relative planning reliability.

In this context, cybernetics, which describes the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things, can be a helpful tool. SAP CEO Christian Klein might want to brush up on his cybernetics knowledge, too, considering the still chaotic state of the integration of SAP’s cloud acquisitions and its inability to gauge the needs and wishes of its community, as evidenced by SAP’s negative Net Promoter Score. Christian Klein and his executive board members might know all the right things to say but following through on them is another thing entirely.

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