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Understanding Systems

[shutterstock: 1714618891, Krisana Antharith]
[shutterstock: 1714618891, Krisana Antharith]

In this case, the word ‘systems’ doesn’t mean technology and hardware – it means the organizational structure of a company.

While hierarchical organizations are often split into isolated silos, an organization is actually one, whole system where there are inputs that are transformed into output through a series of interactions. Rather than being a set of separate components, everything is interconnected and interdependent. This approach, called ‘systems view’, is radically different from any linear concepts, and it is sadly not taught in business schools yet. Managers and decision-makers would still do well to understand and adopt this view, as it aids in transforming companies and fortifying them against any future crisis.

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Dr. Domenico Lepore, Intelligent Management

Dr. Domenico Lepore ist Gründer von Intelligent Management.

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