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Supply Chain Migraine: What Keeps Logistics Professionals Awake At Night

[shutterstock: 1479065993, Pand P Studio]
[shutterstock: 1479065993, Pand P Studio]
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Integration is not only complex, it is one of the most complex topics supply chain professionals are dealing with at the moment, a new study by Körber suggests.

As the COVID-19 pandemic showed, supply chain integrity is everything in a crisis. Easier said than done, as there are so many (often moving) parts to be considered. Seamless integration, albeit highly complex, is necessary to ensure constant communication between systems, high levels of efficiency and access to accurate, real-time data – even more so if SAP systems are in the mix. One small hiccup or error could significantly disrupt activities in the supply chain, making integration key to success. E-3 Magazine talked to Thomas Gries, CEO SAP Solutions at Körber, about supply chain challenges, the status quo of integration, and what’s ahead for SCM.

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