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Software Development At SAP: The Various Cloud Flavors

[shutterstock: 1724417923, Blackboard]
[shutterstock: 1724417923, Blackboard]
Geschrieben von Werner Dähn, rtdi.io

Building software for the (SAP) cloud is very different from on-premises software. This obvious and trivial fact has consequences for software development rules.

Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) was SAP’s initial cloud offering. Each customer had their own S/4 Hana installation, which makes HEC a cloud-ready solution; meaning that technically, it could be installed in a cloud computing center. Hosting more than one company on one installation would make for cloud-native software. However, as many media outlets and analysts suggest, the public cloud is supposed to be the holy grail of cloud computing – but is it really, though?

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Werner Dähn, rtdi.io

Werner Dähn ist Data Integration Specialist und Geschäftsführer von rtdi.io.

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