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Software Development At SAP: Fiori UIs

[shutterstock: 617330408, Rawpixel.com]
[shutterstock: 617330408, Rawpixel.com]
Geschrieben von Werner Dähn, rtdi.io

When it comes to software, creating, building and maintaining a User Interface (UI) might be one of the most difficult tasks.

It often takes years for a User Interface to mature, to fit general requirements as well as industry- specific or customer-specific ones. Historically, SAP has pretty much botched its User Interface; SAPGUI is a good example.

Then how can it be that the same company now gets awards for its UI design, specifically for Fiori with UI5? Easy: SAP fixed the problems that were bogging it down in the first place. Customers can learn from the ERP company’s example.

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Werner Dähn, rtdi.io

Werner Dähn ist Data Integration Specialist und Geschäftsführer von rtdi.io.

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