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Six Key Factors To Make Your SAP S/4 Hana Business Transformation Roadmap A Success

[shutterstock: 526869382, WIRACHAIPHOTO]
[shutterstock: 526869382, WIRACHAIPHOTO]

Many SAP customers feel unsure of what to do concerning the migration to S/4 Hana – and rightly so.

The migration to SAP S/4 Hana is not an isolated IT project. It is a holistic business transformation and needs to be treated as such. This makes project planning more stressful, and a comprehensive, detailed roadmap is indispensable to navigate the typical pitfalls of a transformation of this magnitude. There are six key factors that can make or break any S/4 migration project, and SAP customers would do well to consider them.

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Rene Leppich, Arvato Systems

Rene Leppich ist Manager SAP Enterprise Transformation bei Arvato Systems.

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