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Public Cloud Or On Premises? Both!

[shutterstock: 1408291436]
[shutterstock: 1408291436]
Geschrieben von Stefan Rother, Nagarro ES

There are as many arguments in favor of the public cloud as they are against it. A way to combine its advantages with the benefits of on premises is a hybrid approach.

Hyperscalers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google and their respective offers are flexible, scalable, and seem cheaper than on-prem licenses – but not for SAP systems. Especially when it comes to in-memory database Hana, the big three hyperscalers differ greatly in terms of maturity, and who a company should work with can only be decided on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, however, customers’ expectations of cost savings in the public cloud are usually disappointed in productive environments. The lack of flexibility in expanding and reducing computing resources inevitably leads to higher costs compared to on-prem installations. Is there no right answer? Yes, there is: Hybrid environments.

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Stefan Rother, Nagarro ES

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