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Process Automation Is More Important Than Ever

[shutterstock: 1115081195]
[shutterstock: 1115081195]
Geschrieben von Jens Zschuppe, Compiricus

Especially during an ongoing global crisis, streamlining processes – and consequently saving money – through process automation becomes more important than ever before.

At this point, I don’t think there’s a single IT decisionmaker left that hasn’t at least considered implementing some form of automation. It’s inextricably connected to digital transformation, and it is here to stay. While some concepts of independent artificial intelligence (AI) still seem far-fetched and more like science fiction than reality, process automation is a whole other story. Especially ERP users can benefit from process automation – if they leverage the right software and tools, that is, as there are a few functionalities that any process automation application should have.

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Jens Zschuppe, Compiricus

Jens Zschuppe ist Prokurist bei Compiricus.

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