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Oracle: The Enterprise Cloud

[shutterstock: 227923996, Gonzalo Aragon]
[shutterstock: 227923996, Gonzalo Aragon]
Geschrieben von Thomas Schüle, oracle

The decision between on premises, cloud, or hybrid concepts didn’t – and still doesn’t – come easy to many customers. To alleviate some of the complexity, Oracle announced its new Cloud Gen2.

For a long time, the two concepts of on premises and cloud computing seemed so fundamentally different that no one even tried to bridge the gap, instead settling on a suitable compromise – hybrid – to get the best of both worlds. However, with Oracle’s Cloud Gen2, this changes. As the name Cloud Gen2 suggests, Oracle Cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) presents a new design. It offers all the security and stability of an on-premises system while also allowing customers to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Especially for SAP customers, it is important to know that there is virtually no difference between management in the cloud or on prem – which was previously almost unheard of.

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Thomas Schüle, oracle

Thomas Schüle, Business Development SAP Alliances bei Oracle.

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