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Listening To SAP Customers Is Important But No Substitute For Putting In Work

As nice as it is to be listened to, SAP shouldn’t rely on customers to point out weak spots.
17. November 2020
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Before SAP announced its acquisition of Emarsys, it announced something else: Its plan to spin out Qualtrics, meaning that the experience management company will go public. Which, let’s be honest, is clearly just SAP trying to make a virtue of necessity. The ERP company made a gamble when it acquired Qualtrics for 8 billion US dollars when original estimates put its market value at 4 to 5 billion US dollars, and it didn’t pay off. It takes guts to admit that, and I respect SAP CEO Christian Klein’s decision. Part of why I do is that it clearly wasn’t the customers’ idea. Klein’s decision is a rare instance where he and his management team didn’t rely on customers to point out weak spots - but there’s still a lot to be done in that direction.

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