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How To Digitally Transform Sales In Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked many digitalization trends into high gear in almost all industries, and manufacturing is no exception.
20. August 2020
[shutterstock: 1633535575, Andrii Yalanskyi]

SAP and Salesforce are ‘old reliables’ in manufacturing. They work perfectly well, together or on their own, to address the needs of more traditional billing and revenue models. However, they struggle with recurring revenues such as IoT applications.

To forego subscription revenues is just not viable anymore in our increasingly digitalized world – so much so that it can actually cost companies market shares or, at the worst, their business.

Consequently, manufacturing companies have to transform sales and billing processes to add on recurring revenues. While challenging, it promises to be worthwhile – if companies manage to think about the whole process, not just sales.

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