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Even Support Teams Need Support Sometimes

[shutterstock: 510983926, Jirsak]
[shutterstock: 510983926, Jirsak]
Geschrieben von Philipp Latini, Sivis

SAP support teams concern themselves with tickets about access management and accounts – which often gets in the way of their actual work. AM services can help.

Users can always turn to support teams for, well, support. But who supports the support teams themselves if they are ever overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tickets? Application management (AM) services! As an external service, application management services can provide significant relief for SAP support teams, which means that employees have the time to focus on essential projects in their own departments – considering the shortage of experts in the job market, this is an advantage no company should pass up.

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Philipp Latini, Sivis

Philipp Latini ist Geschäftsführer bei Sivis, Karlsruhe

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