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Digital Manufacturing Is Key To Success

[shutterstock: 1255909195]
[shutterstock: 1255909195]
Geschrieben von Oliver Spölgen, Mait

Digital transformation is unavoidable – a fact that most manufacturing companies still have a hard time grappling with.

In a recent survey conducted by German-speaking SAP user group DSAG among its members, 81 percent of respondents stated that, despite shrinking IT budgets and a sharp drop in revenue, digital transformation is unavoidable. Manufacturing companies seem to not have gotten the memo, though: Industry 4.0 is still wishful thinking for most of them. At best, they have taken first, tentative steps towards digitalization; at worst, they haven’t even started yet. However, the consequences of the global crisis triggered by COVID-19, as painful as they may have been and continue to be, could lay the foundation for sustainable digital transformation in many companies.

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Oliver Spölgen, Mait

Oliver Spölgen ist Geschäftsführer von Mait.

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