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Design To Operate: Holistic Manufacturing Processes

[shutterstock: 732658279, metamorworks]
[shutterstock: 732658279, metamorworks]
Geschrieben von Jakob Röhrenbach, Cenit

Design to Operate offers great opportunities for SAP user companies in manufacturing.

SAP’s vision for customers is the Intelligent Enterprise. To make it happen, SAP offers customers something it calls Intelligent Suite, consisting of central module S/4 and supplemented by intelligent technologies such as machine learning, analytics, or big data. It is an attempt to help customers quickly and flexibly react to changes in the market and transform promising innovations into successful products. With SAP’s Intelligent Suite and Cenit’s Closed Loop Engineering supporting the Design to Operate process, manufacturing companies can stay one step ahead of their competitors in an increasingly digital and remote world.

Über den Autor

Jakob Röhrenbach, Cenit

Account Executive Digital Supply Chain SAP bei der CENIT AG. Intelligente Lösungen basierend auf der Design to Operate-Strategie von SAP für Produktentwicklung, Produktion und Instandhaltung – vom virtuellen Produkt zum digitalen Zwilling. CENIT ist Ihr Partner für die digitale Transformation

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