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Adopting Event Streaming For Monitoring Shipments In Real Time

Event streaming opens up many business use cases. Let’s have a look at one of them: event streaming used for real-time shipment monitoring.
10. November 2020
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Online business is booming, especially since a global pandemic has forced us to stay inside our own homes for weeks at a time. There aren’t many things that are easier than ordering online, but delivery still suffers from hiccups sometimes. Most notably, delivery services seem to always pick the most inconvenient moment - when you’re at work or out to buy groceries, for example - to knock on your door. Companies usually offer tools to track your package, but often, the data aren’t up to date, meaning they don’t reflect reality and are basically useless. It might sound like a small problem, barely a blip on the radar, but on a larger scale, these things cost time, money, and reputation. Having real-time data is key to success - and adopting event streaming for monitoring shipments in real time can be a first step towards it.

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